Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New reviews - Eternal Law, Monday Monday

So, it's been a while since I've done any tele reviews and there have been two shows on my radar lately that have really left a mark with me...the first being Eternal Law.  The initial draw to the show was Tobias Menzies and Samuel West, both of whom played the young Mr. Elliot in my personal favorite Austen, Persuasion.  I've had a crush on Tobias forever, especially since his very short stint on Spooks, but this role for him was perfect because he is super hot as a bad guy!  The possibility of a heavy religious connotation did give me pause, but I've always been fascinated with angel lore, so I thought I'd risk it for Tobias' sake and I'm glad I did!
Tobias Menzies
Basically the premise of the show is angels are sent down from heaven to give humans one final chance and the angels must do their best to defend them, as lawyers!  Yeah, come on, how could you not love that premise!  But wait, it gets better!  Not all the lawyer-angels are good...and this is where Tobias comes in!  He's a fallen angel, black wings and all!  Tobias' character, Richard, tries everything he can to interfere with Samuel's character, Zak, and to try to start the countdown to armageddon...which has been threatened if one more angel falls out of favor (usually by falling in love with humans).  Zak already has a past with a human (Hannah) and he thought he was starting fresh with a new body in a new town, but Richard has other ideas when he brings Hannah directly into Zak's path once again.  On top of dealing with being on "probation", having to control himself around Hannah, who he desperately loves, Zak is also having to mentor a new earthbound angel, Tom, who was a choirboy in heaven and is having a hard time adjusting to the ways of our wicked world!  On top of all that, there is Mrs. Sheringham, who was once an angel, but gave up her wings for true love with a human, only to have him die on her 6 months later from a brain tumor (apropos considering my circumstances) and now she's stuck in human form and babysitting angels!

The show was cancelled after it's first series, but it doesn't end with too bad of a cliffhanger and the ending still made me quite happy to say the least!  One of the best scenes was Samuel and Tobias beating the crap out of each other in a church!  Loved it!  Definitely highly recommend!

Then, there's the show I can't stop watching!  Monday Monday!  I got a major crush on Tom Ellis by watching Miranda (who also has a bit part in this show, BTW), and as per my usual crushes, I start IMDBing him to find out every single show he was in which is how I found this gem!  It really does have an all-star cast which adds to it's appeal.

Tom Ellis

The premise of this show is an in trouble supermarket chain has to move their corporate offices to Leeds, which is a good thing for Sally, who's trying to escape the fact that she just caught her fiance in bed with her sister.  But almost immediately she makes the mistake of going home with a guy she meets in a bar when she is way too drunk, only to make an arse of herself by throwing up all over him before it goes to far.  She's grateful she never has to run into him again, or so she thinks, because her embarrassing one night stand turns out to be Steven (Tom), who is the new main bosses PA and sits in the desk right beside her!  Their chemistry is still undeniable however, even though they decide to be friends and at first Steven borders on total prattiness, especially when Sally discovers that he's been secretly having an affair with his boss the whole time!  But as the show goes on, and Sally and Steven become friends, their relationship changes along the way, despite the troubles at the company, Steven's relationship with Alyson, and the reappearance of Sally's bastard fiance.

Steven being a total prat (but I promise he turns into a total sweetheart!)

This is another show that didn't make it past the first series, but it ends beautifully, so another no complainer!

I really don't understand why these shows get cancelled!  I absolutely loved them both and I highly recommend them both!


Kate said...

Im glad you liked it too, I watched it because of Orla Brady and the fact that she was brilliant in mistresses.
They always cut the good stuff and keep the main stream pop shite. lol

Keebles said...

It is SOOO nice to have SOMEONE who knows what I'm talking about when I mention a show or an actor!! How did I end up in Po-dunk Arkansas?!!