Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TUSAL show off time

Well, here it is, my poor pitiful's grown about the same size as Ferg-id! HA! I was hoping if I put it against the right background, you couldn't tell that there is very little difference from this month and last month and so I was right!

Also, my newest acquisition:

Thanks to everyone for your kind words for my progress this last IHSW! At least they may me feel not so bad for my crappy progress! Maybe once I have at least a somewhat clear head (well, minus a med or two, the lump, I'm afraid, still has his fate undecided), I'll get back to my master progress! I miss those days of finishing a page a weekend!


Joysze said...

Love the background for your ORT, and ooooooooh, NICE acquisition. :D

Ewa said...

I'm lusting pretty hard for those Thomas Kinkade Disney charts

Jealous jealous jealous