Thursday, February 2, 2012


I think this the longest it has ever taken me to finish a page of a cross stitch! But here it 1 of A Summer Ball! Let's just hope the other 8 don't take as long! I did actually do the backstitching on this page. I usually wait until the end of the project to do all the backstitching, but I thought it best to do this one as I go along. I really feel like the pants should be completely backstitched, but then I think about it, and...awkward!!


I think if I get home in time tomorrow, I'm gonna start on 35th Anniversary Celebration! Work has been crazy and I just haven't had a chance to start it yet. More on that in a minute.

I also have another new stash, but I can't show it. Why, you ask? Well, because it's a gift for someone (love ya T!) and I don't want him to see it! We may both be octogenarians before I finish it, but hey, that's when he'll see it! Since it matches his decor, I've already told him he can't paint or redecorate until I finish it and he's displayed it for at least a year, so if we are 80 before I finish it, he's gonna get awful sick of his current wall colors!!

On the work front...good news and bad news and don't know yet news and pissing me off news and getting better news and maybe future news and more bad news! Sounds like a lot of news, doesn't it? Well, I got a promotion at work! That's the good news. The bad news and don't know yet news is it may or may not come with a raise, and if it does, the raise is technically the same as I'm making now because I get tons of overtime and shift diff, so actually I make several dollars an hour more than I really make and they are only raising me up to that higher tier and I'm going down to 8 hours...long story short, less hours, same pay. The pissing me off news is the fact that I started this new job on Monday, and as of Wednesday, I have yet to work an 8 hour day, I'm still pulling my usual 10-12 hours. The getting better news is that I absolutely LOVE the new job and although technically it's tons more stress, since I do love it, it's good stress (if I could stop worrying about the pay and the working overtime still). The maybe future news is that this promotion could grow into a position really grand and I have every intention of showing off my talents and making sure it does go the way I want it too! And finally, the more bad news is that I'm still being pulled in fifteen different directions at work and added more titles to my growing list...I guess now my official title is Assistant LIS Manager/PM Coordinator/Transcriptionist/Cytology Prep Tech. The computers went up 50% and I'm supposed to split the other 50% between the other three jobs that I used to do in 100%. Yeah...I know I suck at math, but tell me it doesn't work out for you either! The transcriptionist part is supposed to be cut down and transferred to someone else...let's just leave it at that.

I just keep chanting...I'm going to Disney World, I'm gonna spend a shiteload of money on stupid crap that only I could love, I'm gonna see Donald Duck, I'm gonna ride Haunted Mansion, I'm gonna eat taco salads at Pecos Bill's, I'm gonna buy tons of Originals at Earl Of Sandwich, I'm gonna stay at Wilderness Lodge, I'm gonna ride Tower of Terror over and over again, I'm gonna sing along with Pirates Of The Caribbean while I ride it (which I always do), I'm finally gonna get that picture of Captain Jack at the end of Pirates Of The Caribbean, I'm finally gonna get a good picture of the Scottish It's a Small World kid, I'm gonna get stocked up on my Twinnings tea and my Basin Bombs, I'm gonna actually buy a bottle of Ice Wine this year, I'm gonna buy my Duffy Bear more clothes, I'm gonna ride things I've never ridden before even if I don't want to, I'm gonna make Am spend a whole day in Animal Kingdom...and enjoy it, I'm actually gonna see every parade and fireworks show, even if I have to do it alone, I'm gonna take pictures with characters, even if I have to take multiple xanax to do it, I'm gonna actually stop and take pictures instead of snapping while I'm walking, and finally, Am and I are gonna have the best time ever because IT'S DISNEY WORLD!!


Kate said...

You are gonna be soooo busy :) Sounds great! and just to add re. a previous conversation..the word is 'paresser' which sounds to me like pressure - see what I mean?? Probably not, lol.

Abbybeth said...

congratulations on the promotion - I hope it evolves into a very good thing! It seems like it's always hard to transition into a promotion without changing departments because they still associate you with the prior job duties and expect you to fulfill those in addition to the new.

BUT you're going to Disney World! I emailed my dad this morning and told him to count on me joining for at least part of their trip, so I guess I get to chant along with you!

Mangogirl said...

congrats on the promotion. It sounds like if it finally sorts itself out it will be lots of fun.

I will say this again. I'm jealous of you going to Disney World. I love your posts and it really makes me want to go. I went to Disneyland once for 2 days and that has been all.

Keebles said...

Thanks for all the congrats! I've been terrible at responding to comments lately!

Yep Kate...I "see" what you are "saying".

Abby - our lab LOVES cross-training everyone (only some people don't do anything but their own jobs, so that leaves everything in someone's lap, which usually ends up being me, it's a bitch being responsible, I'd kill not to have the responsible gene!).

Mangogirl, one of these days I'm going to go to Disneyland. Am has been and she keeps saying it's NOTHING compared to WDW, but I have to see it, if for nothing else than to say I've been (plus having access to a whole new set of pins!).