Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review catch-up

It's been forever it seems since I've done reviews and I've been watching tons of stuff! But I'm gonna start with the two that stuck out the most; Spooks and Lewis.

Spooks first, because it's my favorite show! I decided to watch series 1-9 again just so I could flow right into 10. For those that have never seen Spooks (or MI-5 as it's know in the States), the main thing you should know is...don't get too attached to characters because they will die on you, in often very brutal ways! Some die in defense of the realm, some die as traitors, but they die just the bullets, bombs, fires, poisons, knives, even bra underwires and deep-fat fryers!

But after 10 series of watching my favorite characters drop like flies, I knew basically it wouldn't end happily, but my happy-ending gene was wishing pretty hard that it would. But, as per usual, I ended up bawling like a baby, cussing at the TV, walking away then eventually coming back because I realized there was only one way the show could have ended, and they ended it appropriately, no matter how much it pissed me off. Would I watch it again? Hell yes! Because it's still my favorite show, even if it drives me nuts!!!

Now on to Lewis! This show is a spin-off of Morse (which I haven't seen). The main reason I wanted to watch this show is almost embarrassing. Yes, I love British cop shows, but the real reason was because Laurence Fox, one of the main stars, is married to Billie Piper (from Doctor Who and Secret Diary Of A Call Girl fame) and considering his looks (be honest, he's not the hottest guy you've ever seen), I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

I figured out after about the second episode I needed to order Morse as well...I was missing too much. It also took me several episodes before I stopped trying to compare it to Midsomer Murders. I think the first few episodes were just a bit slow. Eventually they picked up and I completely forgot all about Midsomer Murders! It also didn't take me very long to figure out the attraction of Laurence Fox! Yes, he's gangly and gawky looking, but by the end of the fifth series, I thought he was a total hottie! I can't really explain it either! His humor, wit, and cynicism was just brilliant! Also by the end of series 5, I realized I didn't really need to order Morse, Lewis was standing on it's own, but I'm glad I did because I think I'm really gonna enjoy it!

I've also seen Endeavor, the prequel to Morse (recorded for me by a very good friend who knows who she is!) and I loved it as well. I may eventually buy the hard copy to it when Amazon UK gets it in stock again.

In conclusion, both are two series that definitely are worth watching! Spooks can be hard to take watching your favorite characters die...I think I've cried more over that show than all Disney movies combined! But it is still one of the best dramas I have ever seen and it's filled with some of the best actors ever! Same with Lewis...excellent actors and great storylines. Most times it's not hard to work out the killer, but sometimes there's a twist at end that takes you by surprise!

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