Thursday, January 26, 2012

New stash added

I've added some new brand new and one not new at all!

First, the new one. I bought it on Amazon of all places! I swear, you can buy ANYTHING on Amazon!

Then, the not new one. I've had this one for years, but I gave it away to someone. It was on 18ct and it was way too small for me at the time (which is a joke now since my little Highland girl is 28ct!). I've regretted giving it away since the day I did. But luckily the lady I gave it to wasn't doing anything with it so I did a really bad thing and asked for it back! I did it carefully, but I just couldn't stand it not being used (OK, so that's a lie, I just wanted it back). But without further ado:


Kate said...

oooooh!! Love the Teresa Wentzler - definitely worth asking back for.

Abbybeth said...

very nice - and yes, I'm sure you can purchase all but humans on amazon. It's actually kind of amazing ....

I love the one with the different kinds of wine grapes, very cute. And really, you just rescued the other kit from a life of living on a shelf. It was the kind thing to do.

Mangogirl said...

two wonderful kits there. Amazon is the best thing ever.

Vickie said...

Very pretty!