Sunday, January 29, 2012

General updates and 2012 Box!!

Well, not so good of a weekend here in Keebs World! I had a really bad day at work on Thursday resulting in my first panic attack in years resulting in a 3/2 (3 naproxen&imitrex/2 stadols) migraine yesterday. I still don't have feeling in my face, the inside of my mouth, most of my head and the backs of my upper arms, but I'm awake now. I've drank, but still no food...can't risk it. I've got my monitor turned down pretty much as low as it will go, but I've got so many blogs in me right now, I'm going nuts and I'm sick of laying in the bed! I know I can't stitch and there's no way I could stand the television, so you guys get to put up with me!

But, there is good news (hopefully) workwise on the horizon, I'm just not ready to announce it yet, just in case I jinx it (probably just did).

The really only exciting news I have this weekend is I STARTED MY 2012 DISNEY BOX!! I know, I know, "what the hell is a Disney box, Keebs?", or better yet, "only Keebs would have a Disney box". Yes, you are probably right on #2 there. A Disney box is a collection of trip memories for that particular years trip. I always start it off with a copy of that year's Birnbaum's Guide (a collectors item only - if you've never been to Disney World - don't buy Birnbaum's to use for information, it sucks in that capacity, buy The Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World (which BTW, Len Testa, the co-author of, has a great podcast called WDW Today that any Disney Fan should not miss!) or The Complete Walt Disney World, they are the best). By the time the trip is over, it's filled with everything, from all travel documents (including my notes), to all mailings, to airlines documents and luggage tags, to napkins from the flight(yes, you read that correctly - OCD, remember), to check in documents, to park tickets (which is also your room key and also has charging capability), to maps, to room toiletries, to coasters, to pens, to paper, to wristbands, to rain ponchos, to all shopping receipts, to one of each size of bag from the stores and different bags from different stores, to various napkins (again, yes, you read that correctly), to our pictures raw and the final DVD output, to our little book I make, blaa, blaa, blaa, you get the point, and if you don't, here's some pics:

This is the '09 box (because '10 still isn't finished since I have't made the DVD of our pics yet - yes Am, I'm working on it):
There's more in there than meets the eye. Why is there is a coupon holder, you ask? That is where I keep my receipts. I sort them by day (no, that's actually not because of OCD, believe it or not). Disney has this great perk that if you're a resort guest, whatever you buy on property, you have shipped back to your resort gift shop free of charge so you don't have to carry around your bags all day. Considering the amount of crap we buy, trust me, that's a good thing (although the CM's working in the gift shop would definitely disagree and are usually running for cover when they see us coming!). All you have to do is take your receipt to the gift shop and *poof*, they bring your purchases to you (then they have to provide us with a cart or several strong men to help us carry them all back to our room - but that's a different story).

The decorations & socks are from my bestie #2 Madison who sent us decorations for our resort (we stayed in Port Orleans French Quarter that year). I just couldn't bring myself to wear them or put them up because I'm a collector by nature! I wanted to preserve them (but we did eat the candy she sent!).

Here's what's in the pack, all the maps and tickets and pens and coasters (yes, that's a Guinness stain on the Raglan Raod coaster - see memories!) and such:

And here are all my boxes lined up in the "Duck Room" with 2012 on top:

I don't have a box for '81 because I don't come from hoarders or OCD people like myself so my parents kept nothing (barely any pictures - I take thousands each year (which is why it takes so long to sort through and edit them), they took maybe 30). I have bought a couple of things off of eBay throughout the years, but nothing significant, you can't recreate memories IMO, and I'm not a big fan of purchasing someone else's memories as well as the fact that used stuff carries "energy" (I can't stand to be near antiques - another story for another blog). I do use eBay a lot, but mainly for new stuff (although I have bought toys to replace ones I had as a child that were taken away - my Step-Dad decided when I was 10 that I was an adult and too old for toys, again, another blog for another time).

My '99 box is pretty sparse because I was too chicken to go up and get things like maps and such, but it looks full because it has actual pictures in it (the last year I used a film camera), and it was pre-internet era (at least in Arkansas for the general population), so I didn't have the research tools available that I do now and I didn't know that it was Food & Wine Festival and all kinds of other things, so we missed out on a lot of stuff that was happening at Disney that year.

And technically, the "Box" didn't start until the fiasco of the '04 trip, but it wasn't hard to create the '99 box because I had it all stored in a bag, so I guess the first "Box" was a "Bag"!

Oh well, enough on that subject! I wish I could say the Disney World blogs are eventually gonna slow, but that's a promise I can't make! Asperger's and OCD make a powerful combination!!


Mangogirl said...

those boxes look like such an awesome idea. A great way to collect the memories.

Keebles said...

And people say OCD is a "disorder"! It's always been pretty much a good thing for me (at least of all my other disorders anyway, ha!).