Monday, December 19, 2011

The slaughtering of puppies

Thanks to everyone for your nice comments on my progress...and a special thanks to Joysze, who so very kindly pointed out that my little Highland girl has a head like a bum! But seriously, I've been obsessing over the same thing! It's been driving me mad and I'm glad I'm not the only person who's noticed it!

On a separate note, I put in my yearly request to opt out of Christmas this year, and you'd think I asked to slaughter a bag full of puppies! I tried every method I could think of; the sympathy method, the uncaring method, the Grandmother's not participating so why do I have to method...but nothing worked. I was completely calm, cool, and collected, I didn't get bent out of shape or upset through the whole thing. Mother fought valiantly at first, but then the water works started and all I got was "talk to your sister" and the quivering lip. It was completely shameful. So I guess I'm stuck with another year of complete misery and uncomfortableness and since my Aunt and Grandmother aren't coming, I don't have the added padding of numbing the experience with alcohol since I don't have a designated driver. Happy Christmas to me....guess I'm the one with the slaughtered puppies!

P.S. - This post is probably gonna get me in a heap of trouble...I'm gonna blame the new meds!


Anne said...

Lol!! I just looked at the "bum"!! Sorry to hear your Christmas experience is not a good one :(

Mangogirl said...

poor dear! You would think your family would be more understanding!

Joysze said...

Oh LOL!!! I'm glad you though so too!!!! I was like, oh boy, I hope I don't get into trouble for saying that. LOL!!

Eeek about Christmas.... maybe you could call in sick or something. :S