Monday, November 14, 2011

It's time again!

I am SOOO glad it's time for the International Hermit And Stitch Weekend again! I need focus and this just might be the motivation I need! I was afraid with the holidays coming up, we would be missing this, this is the month I practically have to live at work because I have to cover for everyone that's off since they "have lives" and "I don't" (my ex-boss's phrasing, not mine).

Holidays are a very sore spot with me. We get paid overtime by the week, not the day, so I have to work over 40 hours a week to get any, which every single week I usually do, but on the week where there is a holiday, that's 8 hours holiday pay instead of straight pay, which means that's 8 hours off my 40 hour work week (actually it usually averages 55), meaning I have to work 8 hours more to score overtime or it's just straight time. Plus, I don't get shift-diff for the holiday. So, basically, I'm still working twice as hard, for single pay. Totally sucks. Be-it a holiday or a day-off, it basically costs me $100 to $130 in lost wages (but it goes down the more I'm off in a row, which is why it's better for me to take off 2 weeks at a time to go to Disney World...ouch, reminded myself of that missing trip again). And my co-worker I have to cover for most just LOVES taking off around holidays, so it happens quite a lot. I tried to snag a couple this year, but it made me so sick in guilt, I couldn't enjoy them (I did literally make myself moral compass is a bit on the left side - can't blame the OCD for that one...that's all Asperger's).

Don't know where that weird rant came from! Back to your regularly scheduled blog posts!

PS...trying out a new look for the blog...I still can't get too fancy with the backgrounds and just looks too cluttered for me...but I'm trying to branch out a bit!


Joysze said...

I like the new lavender background. :)

That sucks about the OT at work!! :(

Kate said...

Yay, IHSW is a great motivator and one of the best things about stitching is that it takes your mind off of work!