Sunday, October 9, 2011

Updated progress

My my, time flies when you're not posting! I haven't really been stitching alot, but what I have been doing hasn't been showing much progress because of the confetti, but finally, through the confetti, a Goofy is appearing!




I also finally got my magnifying light I've been drooling over at Hobby Lobby. I was disappointed at the amount of light it put off at first, but it being a true whitish light really ended up helping in the end. I still have to use my lamp as well, but, you do what you have to, right?

I also got the thread for both Tanglewood and the Bramble and The Rose. I've never seen silk thread before....considering the expense, I'm really not impressed. I just hope it stitches well.

But on the Mickey and Friends front...I'm ready to be done with it. I don't necessarily think I'm bored with it, I just think I'm ready to do all the other projects I've got lined up. Even if I could manage to allow myself to work on two projects at once, all that would manage to do would be to slow both projects down. Better to keep my focus on one!


Vickie said...

Stitching looks great. You could start a rotation where you work on one project for 1week and the switch to another project.....I like doing that. It gives you a break from a large project.

keebles said...

That is a thought!