Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Upcoming ideas

I have purchased a lot of stash, but I also have stitch software. I have actually charted quite a few patterns, but have not actually ever stitched one of them. The biggest project that's on the table for me is, of course, the one I've been hinting about and I've finally perfected it!
It's big because they are 22ct aida, 11x32 with 200 colors per pic! They are huge, but they are pretty realistic which is what I wanted. I am a Disney freak, as I think I may have mentioned a couple of times, and the Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride at Disney World. I am a Disney purest as well, and as much as I love Marc Davis, I don't think his original Stretching Room portraits would translate well to stitches because they are line heavy.

On another Disney front, I've also charted another Mickey and Friends pic, but right now I can't stand to look at another Mickey and Friends!:

What I may not have mentioned is the first I went to college when I was 17, I majored in art. There was a time, a million years ago mind you, I did have a smidge of talent. It is long gone now and I've got no desire to try to get it back (even though I do get asked and it really pissed me off...what part of "no" don't people understand?). It's way too long a story and I still can't really explain why I was able to just completely give up such a large part of my soul so easily and never look back. Another blog for another day. But I do still appreciate art and I still have my favorites. Like with literature, I prefer the classics (a good source of "heated" debates between me and my beloved Sister too...LYMI Am), so I'd love to translate a couple of those into stitches, so I picked my favorites:

Firstly, my absolutely favorite piece of art is not a painting, but an etching: Albrecht Durer's Melencolia I. This is my favorite because it feels like the embodiment of me...a lonely angel sitting in her cluttered attic with her dog and the world just outside her window. Even her cherub is bored with her life! (Might just be my interpretation tho). I have charted it and even though it's an etching, it does translate well to stitches (plus it's only 10 colors!).

Secondly, my favorite type of painting style is impressionistic, so of course, Monet is my favorite on that front. His London series is one of favorites, so I chose The Thames Below Westminster:

I'd also like to do the portrait of my favorite author, so I charted the standard pic of her:

I do have a couple of other ideas on the table...I still haven't done any work on my Captain Wentworth letter. And, of course, everytime I see a Disney pic I wanna chart it (and typically do to see how it looks)! Whether I ever get around to doing these projects, who knows. The Haunted Mansion Stretching Portraits are the only ones that WILL get done...no question. The others, I just don't know, but more added to the stash, that's for sure!


Joysze said...

Oh my.... lots of great charts!!! Can't wait to see you stitch them. :)

Abbybeth said...

I stumbled across your blog today - I'm just starting to get back into cross stitching and tackling a Disney Dreams project (Beauty Falling in Love with a Beast) and have been poking around at cross stitch blogs. Oh my goodness the Stretching Room Portraits! You charted them yourself? Would I be able to purchase them from you? HM is one of my favorite rides and I adore the Stretching Room - the next time I do the Not So Scary Halloween Party I want to dress as the girl on the wire!