Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stash storage

I've read numerous threads about floss storage and people questioning what is the best way to store floss. I don't have that problem, they are all in order, labeled, and contained...I'm completely organized on that front:

What I have a problem with is stash storage and I have yet to come across one single discussion about stash storage:
Kits, printouts, leaflets, magazines, all piled willy-nilly and it DRIVES ME NUTS!!! I want to find a way to organize it in one convenient location and in something attractive to look at. But as of yet, I have found nothing. I've looked at plastic bins (but I hate plastic), I've looked at hinged boxes, I've looked at baskets, wicker drawers, and just about every other storage system in my price range (which is not very high). I don't have room to put something too large either, another hurtle!

I'm sure eventually I'll find something to appease me, but you'd think with all the merchandise out there for floss, somebody, somewhere would have thought of something for stash storage!! Most of us have enough of it, probably more stash than floss!


Joysze said...

A big problem is with all the differing sizes, kits are hard to store. With my HAED, I put them in 3 ringed sleeves and then file them into binders.

Since I don't have a lot of stash, they sit in small piles in a drawer of a dresser that I use for stash. Another drawer houses bobbinated floss, silks, and current projects, and the 3rd drawer holds fabrics.

keebles said...

I wish I had a stash of fabrics! That is what I seriously lack!! But then again, another stash pile added to the mix might not be a good idea!!

Mangogirl said...

My stash sits in a cupboard. I hold small kits and stuff in a binder. My magazines sit on top of the binder with the bigger kits and stuff.

It isn't really that organised. I wish it was better myself maybe when I actually get my own house.

keebles said...

I often dream of a real house too Mangogirl since I live in a trailer, but unfortunately, unless I win the lottery, a real house I'll never have. Sucks being poor. Hope you get your house!!!