Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Midsomer Murders Finish

Well, they are done!

After spending weeks watching 13 series of a single show, you become attached to the characters, and the locations, and everything. When it's all over, it's almost like a loss! I miss it!

I spent Sunday watching Kingdom Hospital that my sister lent me, but about halfway through, I remembered why I quit watching it when it originally aired...I got bored. I finished it this time, but no need to watch it again or buy it for myself. At least there wasn't a clown that turned into a giant spider (always a good thing in a Stephen King ending). Maybe I just don't like spontaneous Glee moments in my horror. Then again, even after the explanation of the ant-eater, I still thought it was stupid (sorry Am, but true).

So after that I got back to what I know and started the Complete series for Gavin and Stacey. I've only watched the first couple of episodes, so it's early to tell, but so far it's great!!

I also did the "big replacement" and ordered series 1-8 of Spooks to replace my MI-5's. That's been bothering me for years (but if I would have started buying them when it started bothering me, I would have only had to replace the first 2 or 3). Funny thing was, Buying them from Amazon UK got me all 8 series cheaper than I paid for the first series of MI-5! I didn't get series 9 because the price for it was still too high, but I'll reorder it when I order 10, so I'm not worried about it. Once 10 comes out, I'm gonna watch them all in order. I've seen watched various series several times a piece, but never all in a row. It will be hard watching the Rupert eps again and even the Richard eps knowing what I do now, but maybe I can see it through new eyes! Maybe that should be my next post review!


Joysze said...

I thought Spooks and MI-5 were the same show?

keebles said...

It is...it's just the principal of having it in it's original intended format. I guess I'm a purest.