Monday, October 31, 2011

It has started!

I have begun the newbies! I'm finding it hard to not do a little on one and then switch and work on the other. The original plan was to work on one, then the next day work on the other, but I feel guilty about ignoring the other, so right now they are getting equal face time!

So first off, progress on A Summer Ball - it's a little hard to see because the color is a very pale blue, but here it is:

And here is A Walk Through The Highlands - I'm finding the lugana a bit difficult, not because of the small size, but because it's way too soft...I definitely prefer aida. I started out using 1x1, but I just didn't like the coverage, so I switched to 2x1. I know it's a bit heavy, but I think that's one of the things I usually don't like about any of the other projects I've done on aida, the thread doesn't cover the material...not a problem here! Plus, because the lugana is so delicate, I'm stitching much slower than I normally would. But without further ado:

I'm still testing new techniques as well. The gridding on the lugana was a pain. I'm not going to use knots anymore for the thread either, so I first tried the loop tie method, but I don't like having the strings loose at the needle end, I'd prefer the loop at the needle, so I'm leaving string hanging. It's weird getting used to it. I learned stitching by tying the string in knots and it's hard breaking the habit of a lifetime! I'm also trying not "X"ing as I go along but //// then \\\\\\, also weird. I don't think I realized the size of either of these projects either! Both of them are huge!! We may be in for a long one guys!

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