Friday, October 21, 2011

I can see the end!




I have four colors left! I knew I'd jinx myself by saying I'd have plenty of time this week to work on it, so I'm definitely keeping my mouth shut for the weekend!! Then there will be the fun task of sorting the threads and winding the bobbins and labeling the thread boxes and scrolling and gridding the fabric before the new projects can even be started!!

I got a new stand but I don't know how it's gonna work out. It doesn't look as good in person as it did online. What made this one exciting was the fact that you can spin the scroll bar around, it has an attachment for using your own scroll bars that also spins, and it has a built in pattern stand. No more chip clips or weird internet quick-fixes for holding patterns.

Plus, I can't stop buying stash! Only I'm buying patterns, which means I'll also eventually have to buy thread, and fabric and needles! And it's not like I can pop over to the local stitching shop and pick up those things...we have no local stitching shop! We only have a Hobby Lobby and they have approximately one-half an isle of cross-stitching stuff and no fabric above a 14ct aida. So I have to purchase everything online. You can't judge fabric colors online! I've been looking for the recommended fabrics for the patterns, but on a couple of them I just can't find it or they just don't look right.

For example, I finally bought Thine Is The Trick And The Treat by Prairie Moon which I have been wanting forever. But I think the recommended fabric for that is just way too dark and I'd like to choose something different, but without looking at actual fabric instead of online pictures, how can I do that? Here is the pattern:

And I got Bat Banner by Alessandra Adelaide but I can't find the material for it!

But then again, I'm just obsessing as the time I actually get around to these projects, I'm sure I'll be able to find everything I need. Impatience is my greatest virtue!!!


Anonymous said...

Mickey and friends is awesome. Makes me want to stitch it too! And I love Bat Banner!!!!! Sherry

Joysze said...

Oh, I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Mickey. :D It's looking so awesome!!

You might check out this Mirabilia Fabric Viewer...

You can upload your own picture and test out all the fabrics from the companies on the right side.

Bat Banner looks good, you could probably find a fabbie in the list in the link above. :)

keebles said...

Thanks guys! And Joysze I'll definitely check out the fabric viewer!!