Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Decision made!

Not much progress on Mickey and Friends tonight, so not much to show, but thanks to everyone for the encouraging words...I was really bummed that I hadn't gotten very far at all and now I ain't feelin so bad! Now, if my stupid head would just cooperate and stop being cantankerous!!

But on the decision front, I have made my three choices. My HAED has already been chosen, I discussed a while back why I selected this particular stitch and how it pretty much personified me to a tee, which is why I picked it. It's not my tartan, but it's pretty close (well, minus the yellow, but if the pattern doesn't look too bad, I could change it to white and it could almost be my dress tartan), ...so project #1 and main project will be A Walk Through The Highlands by Jasmine Becket-Griffith.

Project #2 is the oldest of my stash and has been crying to get out of the bottom of the stash box for well over 20 years now and I think it's time to let it out. It's on 18ct aida and only calls for 1 thread (which I don't think is enough for 18ct, so I may beef it up to 2...have to see how it goes)...but it's The English Garden by Lynn Hollyn (sorry, scanner didn't get the whole pic of it and it's so old I couldn't find an adequate picture online).

The Disney project was the hardest decision to make. Most all of my stash is Disney so it's not like I don't have tons to choose from. But there is one project I've been "dying" to do for years that's been eating away at me. I've tested them on numerous cross stitch software programs and they will be my first project I've actually done myself. I thought I had it all ready to go, I have the material, I've gotten the thread for at least one ready, but the OCD is getting the better of me and it just isn't good enough...I want to try one more stitch software program before I commit. And what a commitment these will be. I figure each one will take a couple of years a piece and there are four of them in the set. I want them to look like the real thing and if it means making them 11x30 on 22ct and using 240 colors, then so be it. What are they you ask? HA! That's for me to know and you to eventually find out when I've perfected them to my satisfaction! But I will give you a hint and the most geekiest of Disney nerds should pick up on this in a heartbeat...I'm gonna start with Abigail and finish with Alexander.

Until then, I've opted for an easy one, also older than proverbial dirt...project #3:
Some of the colors in this one bother me a bit, but a child could do this one, so it will be a nice break from the other two and it's on 14ct...I might go blind switching from 25 to 18 to 14 and back again!!

But gotta finish Mickey and Friends first. If I have a good week (and I hope I didn't just jinx myself), I'm looking at a weekend finish! I've learned a lot from this one...never buy homemade kits from ebay, copy the pattern pages first before you start marking all over them with a highlighter, gridding is now a way of life and I'll never not do it again, and first and foremost, pay attention to your symbols! There is a big difference between a ' and a ` (and since I type for a living, you'd think I'd know that fact!).


Joysze said...

Oh yay!!! More WIPs to ogle!! :D Waiting to HD with you for a Mickey finish this weekend!!! =D

keebles said...

I may have jumped the gun yet again...the fates haven't been kind this week and I've barely had time to work on it at all! But I'm still optimistic!!