Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Another page bites the dust! I am now more than halfway done!

Further thoughts on Torchwood:

You know, I thought more about it today, and it wasn't just the Americanization of it that bothered me. By being on Starz, it reached an audience that had never before seen it, and had the potential to not only bring in future viewers of it, but of Doctor Who as well. But my over-analyzing brain kept coming to one conclusion over and over...anyone that had never seen an episode of Torchwood before, after watching the Miracle Day series, walked away knowing absolutely nothing about Torchwood, specifically: what had happened in the past; why Jack is immortal (great back-story BTW) what the purpose of Torchwood was; Ianto was the only older character that was mentioned, but they never told who he was or how he died or even that he was a member of the team, all you knew was that he was Jack's old lover; why Gwen and Rhys were in hiding in the first place; what happened to the old hub or even what a hub was (although they did mention it and did visit it's old site).

Like I said before, I am a fan of the series, I've seen them all, I own them, I watch them. On every series, when new characters are introduced, they get the back-story of Torchwood. It gets old after a time, but its necessary for the newer viewers. Would it have been so hard to spend 10 minutes of an episode after the CIA figured out what Torchwood was to have one character explain it to another character for the benefit of the viewers who are new to the series? Duh! The fans of the show understood the old storylines and could follow along, but they isolated what could have been tons of potential newer viewers.

Plus, knowing Doctor Who like I do, and how integrated with Torchwood he is, he would NEVER have let Miracle Day get as far as it did without stepping in and helping...he has NEVER left the world or Jack to fend for themselves like that and that was another sign of the lack of integration of the previous editions of the Torchwood series...the Doctor ALWAYS steps in and saves the day when it gets too bad.


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Nice going... moving right along on Mickey. :D

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Thanks again! I'm gonna have to not stitch tonight because my thumb is pretty sore at the moment! I need to let it rest for a day or two! The rest of me is feeling better though!

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I am so impressed with your progress on this design!