Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moving right along!

Must be something in the water lately! I've been really moving along!

Tuesday night:


and Wednesday:


I decided since the marking pencil kept fading out, I'd try the pen on this section, and so far so good. I can definitely see the lines better and it's not fading (yet). And thanks so much to the The Crafty Princess for all her kind words! I absolutely love her blog!! Since I've been reading blogs, I've learned more about cross-stitching than all my years of actually doing it! And I love seeing everyone else's progress!

Once I finish Mickey and Friends, my next project will be my first HAED, which just so happens to be the same artist as The Crafty Princesses first HAED, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, only mine is A Walk Through The Highlands:

I fell in love with this picture the moment I saw this, and not because it looks a little tiny bit like me, same color hair (when I get my hair done, anyway), same eye color, pale skin, same small hands, and it's very similar to my family tartan. But what truly struck me was a wide-eyed girl in a cold gray world, all alone, with nothing but a sword for protection which she holds on to for dear life. The sword is so big in her tiny hands, one wonders if she is actually able to use it to defend herself and maybe that's the reason her eyes are so wide, she wonders the same, but her face stays brave just the same. Me in a nutshell.

I really wish I could work on more than one project at a time, but I just don't think I could handle it! I'm too obsessive about the one I'm working on to be switching back and forth! But I so admire the people who do it!

I also have finished series seven of Midsomer Murders! Moving right along on that front as well! I Still haven't received series thirteen yet, but there are delays all across the board on Amazon UK. Probably due to the burning of the Sony distribution factory during the London riots. But I can wait. Such senseless violence, all those people out of work...such sadness. But I'm off topic again. Midsomer series 7 - Sergeant Troy is gone and now we have a new Sergeant...much cuter, but not as likeable. Other than that, still tons of murders in such tiny little villages! It's surprising there are any villagers left!

And finally...I'm joining my first International Hermit and Stitch Weekend! Funny thing is, I'm a hermit every day of my life! But this should be great fun just to be a part of something like this! I've never done anything like it! Publicly being a hermit! What an oxymoron!


Joysze said...

Wow.... you're flying on Mickey. It's so cute. Hahahaha.... I love oxymorons..... jumbo shrimp, pretty ugly, act naturally, all alone.... :D

Looking forward to your company this IHSW.

Anne said...

Mickey and Friends is pretty cute and you've done a lot on it!

PS I noticed your a Jane fan, as am I , here's a really good blog from a designer who loves Jane too!

keebles said...

Thanks ever so much guys!

Vickie said...

You are moving right along!