Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Midsomer Murders Series 1 & 2

Now that all the blog creating is finished (at least for now), I just finished the first and second series of Midsomer Murders, only 11 more to go! I had planned to spend this evening watching the second series of Hex, but my normal Monday order of Amazon UK didn't arrive today for some reason, so no Hex series 2! At least by finishing Midsomer Murders, it did keep me away from watching Jane Eyre for the 100th time! I'm on a Michael Fassbender kick right now and Hex was also keeping me away from Jane Eyre while still satiating the Michael cravings. The power of OCD!

But I digress, Midsomer Murders, a review...for my lottery win future, I typically crave the London life, until I watch shows like this, and then I think of the villages, with their thatched-roofed houses, huge flowered gardens, wide-open country sides, small little shops and quaint pubs. You just have to look beyond the murder, blackmail, addictions, sexual depravity, and other lovely little secrets! I found myself enjoying the scenery more than the actual story lines! And considering the age of the first and second series, it is funny to see some of the actors who were young then, but not so much now! But, although I'm not "Waking The Dead" riveted yet...it is a really good show and I'm ready to start series 3 & 4.

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